Wisdom Tooth Extraction

$400 for any wisdom tooth extraction.


Wisdom tooth extraction is a dental surgery to remove your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth is the four permanent adult teeth which is located at the back top and bottom corners of your mouth. You are recommended to remove your wisdom teeth because if your wisdom tooth has not enough spaces to grow, they might cause pain and result in tooth infection or other dental issues.

Ardmore Dental Wisdom tooth extraction

At Ardmore Dental we make sure that your wisdom tooth removal process is as painless as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

During the procedure, bone that is connected to your tooth is needed to be removed as well. However, you will not feel any pain as before wisdom tooth extraction is started, local anesthetic will be applied on you, which will help to numb the area around your tooth.

Normally, people will recover from wisdom tooth extraction in three to four days. However, the wound left after surgery will not be recovered that fast. Therefore, oral hygiene must be maintained to prevent an infection developed after the tooth extraction.

Yes, you do. But you shouldn’t feel any pain as your gums will be numbed during the tooth extraction process. You can still have some movements.

You need to ask your dentist if you need to fast or if there is anything else that you need to avoid before the surgery. Your dentist or oral surgeon may recommend you start fasting the night before your surgery.

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