Laser Dentistry


Laser dentistry is a famous dental treatment since 1990 which uses a very narrow, extremely focused light beam to shape or remove tissue in small amounts. It causes reaction on the tissue when the laser light reaches the tissue. Dental lasers can be used to reshape gum, removed inflamed gum tissues and treat gum disease, treat root canal infections, remove and generate damaged nerves, remove benign oral tumours, speed up tooth whitening treatment and so on.

Ardmore Dental Laser

Ardmore Dental provides laser gum treatment which can treat gum diseases, remove tartar from root surface, minimize swelling and promote more rapid healing after operation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, laser dentistry has a long history since 1990. It is known to be safe in treating gum diseases, whitening teeth, removing tartar on teeth.

Yes, teeth whitening using laser is more suitable and safe to people who have sensitive teeth as it causes no harm to your teeth.

Laser dentistry is pain free.

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