Tooth Jewellery


Tooth jewellery is a comestic dental operation in which an accessory is placed on the front surface of your tooth. The accessories can be a diamond or a stone, that can express your individuality, making you more fashionable and special. Tooth jewellery has become more popular when aesthetics is getting more important in dentistry over the years.

Ardmore Dental Tooth Jewellery

Get an amazing tooth jewellery operation or remove it with Ardmore Dental. We assure you a painless procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, it will not affect brushing. You will feel the presence of the jewel as parts of your teeth. However, you are not recommended to use electric toothbrush a few days after you just get your jewel on.

The jewels will not fall off unless there is any accident. The jewels are made of glass crystals, gold or acrylic, which have no sharp edges. Therefore, even if you have accidentally swallowed it, it will come out  as how you excrete and eliminate. You do not have to worry.

The tooth jewel is sealed tightly with the tooth surface. It will not let any bacteria in. This means that the area underneath the tooth jewel will not be dirty or get decayed.

Usually the tooth jewellery will last at least 6 months to a few years.

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