Scaling & Polishing


Scaling and polishing teeth is an operation to remove plaque and tartar deposits which have been built up over your teeth surface for time. There are some areas in our mouth where our toothbrushes are hard to reach, no matter how well we brush and wash our teeth. You might need a dentist to get your teeth checked and clean properly to maintain your oral hygiene and make your teeth brighter.

Why Scaling and Polishing Teeth?

Benefit 1

Scaling and polishing teeth regularly can prevent cavities and tooth decay caused by plaque buildup on the teeth surface.

Benefit 2

Tooth polishing can help to freshen your breath, brighten your smile and increase your confidence while dating with people.

Benefit 3

It keeps your oral hygiene and maintain overall health by detecting some early stages of diseases while tooth polishing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, frequent scaling and polishing teeth can keep your gums healthy and firm because it removes plaque and stains that are found on your tooth surfaces which might cause infections and tooth decay one day.

No. Teeth scaling and polishing will only clean and remove plaque that is built up on the surface of the teeth over time. To whiten teeth, it will be another operation which is called teeth bleaching, which can make yellowish teeth brighter and whiter.

Before the procedure of scaling and polishing has even started, dentist will apply local anesthesia on your gums and tooth roots, which will numb your gums during the operation. However, you will probably still feel a little discomfort while teeth scaling.

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